January 9th 2019

Course Hero Publication, Help Students Find Their Creative Voice with a Modeling Approach


January 7th 2019

SEMI-FINALISTS of The American Prize in Composition—Orchestra (professional division), “Summer Sketches”(2018), 2018-19


September 12-18, 2018

Featuring of orchestra piece “Summer Sketches”(2018) on Music of our Mothers, performed by Anderson Symphony Orchestra

August 15, 2018

IAWM, International Alliance for Women in Music, 2018 Search for New Music Competition, “Summer Sketches”, Winner of 2018 Christine Clark/Theodore Front Prize


Chosen as a finalist for the 2014 Respighi Composition Competition, “Around Us” (2013)

Selected as a Sioux Symphony Orchestra finalist for '2014 Composer of the Year', “Around Us”(2013)

August, 2014

Won the Donghak Civil War theme song composition competition in Korea in August


Honorable mention by International Alliance for Women in Music for the Libby Larsen Prize for Chamber Orchestra, “Midnight Wind”(2009)


Chosen as Miami selection for New Music Days as one of four finalists to represent USA at the 2009 International Society for Contemporary Music, “Midnight Wind” (2009)

Won 2009 Excellence in Composition prize for Brass Ensemble at the International Brass Chamber Music Festival in Kentucky, “Sailing to the Deep Blue Sea” (2009)